Thursday, March 15, 2007

Deck the halls

I am having some serious fabric cravings lately which is odd because I can't really sew. I've done some embroidery and some basic things, but I think the last time I really tried to make something was for a Halloween costume in 2000 that started with dreams of Arabian nights and ended in staples and tears. In that order.

I am ordering the fabric for my curtains in the living room ( I didn't post it here but it's very sunshiney) and I'll just have to fake my way through those. In the meantime, I'm also loving some of the other Springalicious fabrics I've seen.
Amy Butler's fabrics are always perfect and I'm a sucker for lotus blossoms:

These crazy dots would actually work well with the colors in the room, but it is just way too crazy to put anywhere in my itty bitty space.

Marimekko Melooni (what my name would be if I were a Finnish fabric!):
This one wouldn't match the room at all but I love it: Urban Paint by Numbers

Can I just make a bunch of little pillows and toss them about in the manner of a decorator?

Fabric at Reprot Depot .

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Jamie Meares said...

oh, i love the pink birds.

toss them! toss them!