Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kansas City Snapshot

I came across this via Tony's Kansas City who, in typical grump fashion, had plenty to say about it. I think it could be an interesting project, but the trick will be if it will really be as inclusive as it aspires to be and not just another collage of fountains and Plaza shoppers, sprinkled with shots of landscaped Brookside lawns and First Fridays.
The idea is that over the course of the year, various elements of the area will be woven together through photography and writings around several themes. Public forums are also scheduled throughout the year based on the themes as well. Karrie Jacobs, founder of Dwell magazine, will be at the first forum in May.
I think this area could definitely use some more optimism, even if it borders on artsy naivete. I wonder though if anyone outside the architecture field will notice it much. (Is there any irony in my pessimism about optimism?)
More information on the project is at Snapshots.

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