Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sneak Peek

It's usable, but I haven't exactly finished it so I'm only putting a few pics up of the living room I've been working on. If anyone has any suggestions, please holla!Here's our new bar. We did have all the bottles carefully tucked away in a cabinet we no longer have room for and now our debauchery is out for the world to see. The little stackable tables and trays were picked up at a vintage flea market in Westport. Top print is by my hubby and bottom two are cheap Eggleston postcards in cheap Target frames.
Look at this! I love this! I thought it was totally cute and only $8 at Target so I bought it and the hubby made me put it in the back. He wanted me to return it--what!? Look how comfy this little gnome is on our deck! (ignore the shovel!)

Shot of one corner. This is our best solution right now for shelves though I'm not entirely happy with how I've arranged them. Only art books are on these shelves--I think about half of them. What about that green, eh? It looks both rich and serene at the same time. Another of the shelves. Lots of old family items and wedding gifts on these shelves. I have kind of a thing for different bowls and vessels (what do I want to hold...?) and hubby has antique and vintage cameras. See that little old guy sitting on the shelf? When you flip a switch, he stands up and puffs on his cigar before plopping crankily back on his bench. Kind of creepy, really, but there he is. His name is Mr. McGregor. There's a painting by me and some photos by the hubby and driftwood from a vacation and blah blah blah. You get the picture.

I'm still sort of working on the rest of it (the opposite side of the boxy space) and want to figure out what to hang on the walls before I get pics up. Any suggestions?


angelamerchant said...

I LOVE the green and I think the gnome is pretty cute too! On the Today show this morning they were talking about decorating small spaces and they used shelves just like that...they look great!

jima said...

lovelovelove the bar. I'm really liking little bar carts like that lately. they're so neat. and when i go to someone's house, i love to see things like that -- it adds so much character. its like, "hey! they're drunks like us!" Just kdding.

AND the target mat!!! i saw it in the store about a week ago, and my husband and i put it on the floor in target and walked all around it for like5 minutes, but we really have NO WHERE to put it. so we left it there.