Friday, February 23, 2007

Current home project--downsizing!

Before pic, originally uploaded by Mighty nice.

This is a before shot of our soon to be living room. Finding enough room for our studio work has been really tough and we were looking at moving into a larger home before we decided we didn't want the stress and expense of moving. Well, that reason plus I totally cried when I thought about leaving our little home for someone else. We've now decided to rearrange our living space to try to accomodate more workspace and still be comfortable.
This room was our dining room that I had been using for all my art and craft mess. The orange really didn't photograph well at all here, but it will be totally gone and I'll fix the rest of the walls too. We're turning this 11x11 room (I think those are the measurements!) into our living room. I'm still trying to figure out how it's all going to come together...

Think I can squeeze this into a little box room? (This image is from Living at Home-so many pretty places!)

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jima said...

is that orange i see?