Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Living with art

When I started reading this NYT article ( Cool and Collected)I was expecting to read about living with the art rather than feeling like you had a gallery or museum. I might have a vastly different idea on what a gallery home feels like because further down I read that the featured home is 7,000 square feet. This home is larger than most of the galleries I've been to around town. There are pictures to go along with the article online, which is great--I love this Koons mirror in the dining room

(is it the weekday dining room or the weekend one?) and there's another with a Cindy Sherman photograph.

I love the color of the "powder room" (we call it a bathroom! hyuck!) but it irks me when it's referred to as a "hidden space". You have too much space if you can still manage to hide a bathroom. Really, when my home plus the living spaces of six friends can fit inside this house, I think that the line between home and gallery has already been blurred and now you're just talking about style. Great style--I love the space--but at 7,000 square feet, hardly ingenious.

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jima said...

mel, in response to your question about the suzani -- it does hold up suprisingly well. Before our cat paris peed the other one, we'd had it on the bed for about 8 months. i'd take it outside and shake it off every now and then, and i had it dry cleaned once. but you can NOT get them wet. the dye will run -- even a tiny little drop will be a disaster.