Monday, March 19, 2007

Toss 'em around

I am a huge fan of throw pillows but the wee little couch we have now for the new living room can really only handle so much. I guess that's a good thing for me because otherwise I would spend too much on decking it out with fluffy modern goodness.
So...even though I don't have the look all together yet, I'm still looking ahead at pillows for the final touch. My tastes are all over the place though and I can't decide.
Like this secret agent pillow by Habitat Home (available here) Not really going to be paired with these more serious trees from eleventwentyfive at 2modernThere are tons more out there that I'm looking at but I'm leaning toward something a little modern and irreverent. I may spend some more time on Etsy and see if there's something to be found there. Oh sure, I guess I could make some myself, but then what would I do with all this time I spend online?

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