Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring styling

I am amazed by what designers can do and the ways they approach a space and incorporate color and design into the function of a room. I mean, look at these glossy candy colored work tables used for a cooking studio in Japan:

image from Frame by Emmanuelle Moureaux

The design just fits perfectly for the 20-30 year old woman looking for a fun cooking class. I would have fun just picking the table color I would work on--Periwinkle!

The same firm also posted pictures of a beauty salon they did--the colors seems the same, but I really like the long partitions hanging down. With the rest of the room so white, those vertical pops of color are really nice.

image from Frame by Emmanuelle Moureaux
Our next big project around here is trying to put together a functional but presentable space for our home studio, so pictures like these really get me going with ideas for our workspace. The big challenge for us is trying to do it ourselves and on a very minimal budget. I'm planning on working on it next week, so I'll try to post some pictures and see if I can get some feedback.

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