Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gnome is the word

Must be because the weather is warming because these little guys are everywhere--including on my deck now (hee!).

Totally natural gnome habitat at Abby's home toured at Apartment Therapy:Excuse me but has anyone even thought about showering with a gnome? Well, now you can, wierdos. Soap from Unica Home for $7

Kiet's kamer, originally uploaded by esthermokka.

Flickr is ripe with the gnome fever, but I really liked this shot corner shot and its beautiful mural. Check out the wee little gnome enjoying the scenery!

On a related note, this mushroom kitchen timer is almost too cute to use:
Sprouting up at Fred Flare for $12

eta: I don't know how I missed this, but look at this Gnome Breakfast set at!


Caroline Armijo said...

The Flickr picture of the gnomes in front of the wallpaper reminds me of a game on Price is Right! The contestant would guess the price of a product and the little alps man would climb the mountain. If you went too high, he would fall over the side of the cliff.

lynda said...

so glad you discovered our breakfast gnomes! We almost sold out of this wonderful/strange set. Check back for other fun stuff each day at noon