Sunday, March 11, 2007


I feel like I might have spent the weekend covered in frosting and not in a good way. We had a double birthday party and I made the cakes.
For my niece, a princess:
Her eyes are a little wonky but that could be because I don't work for Disney and I drew them with frosting.
For my uncle, a slightly more subversive cake--the original didn't really turn out well so this was the response:I made myself laugh out loud with this one. The text reads: "This 'cake' is not an indication of the importance of the birthday nor the abilities of the baker. It has rejected its role as a decorative object." Around the edge it says "I am not art just eat me." I can't even explain how much of a problem this cake was turning out to be until I decided to not even bother about it anymore and just make its pathetic state a part of the joke. I had to take a picture because I was still laughing about it over an hour after I made it. I must think I'm pretty clever.