Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Couldn't help it!

I have been thinking about what to do with some of our furniture that doesn't work in our space but has to stick around anyway because we can't *quite* afford to replace it yet. Plain jane dining chairs from like 1973 with upholstered seats. (Thanks, Grandma-in-law!) I've been trolling craigslist and ebay for chairs that might work and told myself that I'll just keep my options open. The deal was, if I didn't soon find a pop-y little fabric I liked to put on the seats, then I'll just spend the money and but some real furniture. Well... I have found the fabric that I can work with--voila!

We have a lot of white but lots of strong colors in different rooms and these chairs need to be able to move from room to room--office, kitchen, living, and studio and this might work. Yay, Reprot Depot! Also, I bought some retro stripey material for a backdrop too because it's on sale 20% off through Sunday. Woot!

I'll post some pics of the chairs once I get them done. I've thought about painting the chairs a nice glossy white (which I might still do) but updating the fabric on them will be a big improvement.

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Jamie Meares said...

oh! i love it!

please do post pics when you're done.