Saturday, February 24, 2007

Living room redo

I've been going over the colors for our new living room and I think that Spring has really gotten to me again. Every year I seem to go through the *bright* colors phase and I want everything to be white and pink and green and yellow... and then by fall I want everything to be chocolate and blue and orange and cream. I can't redo my house for my seasonal whims so I know I have to just pick something and do it. Sooooo...I'm picking a sort of warm white with a green wall for an accent. It sounds like Spring is winning out! One of the reasons I finally settled on these colors was Marimekko--I just love the pinks and greens and blossoms here!

Above are patterns Lumimarja and Kuusama available here along with a few others I really like. The Lumimarja may be a bit too pink, but I'm also looking at the yellow pattern...and the green! Too many lovely options!

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