Monday, February 26, 2007

Sake to me

I have this thing for sake cups--and we rarely drink sake at home so I have very little justification for accumulating the little things. They're just so cute and delicate and will hold only a teeny amount of things. Sometimes they hold only a teeny amount of dust, which means from time to time I've engaged in some spontaneous dusting. The cups I have are sort of randomly displayed in the house. We have a couple in our bathroom that have become homes for orphaned earrings (someday I know I'll find the mates--how do I lose so many?) and I have another in the kitchen for my rings when I'm getting messy with my hands. I've had some near-misses swiping my rings into the disposal so the kitchen cup has been the most useful.

The child even made me a minature version in art class. Okay, she probably wasn't designing a sake cup, but it is still a teeny-tiny vessel. She made the itty-bitty heart in there, too.

When we do drink sake, we use these hilarious cups the hubby gave to me for Christmas one year. Get it? Drinking sake out of a fish while eating sushi! Brilliant.

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