Monday, March 5, 2007

First Fridays

Image from Blue Gallery.
I wanted to get downtown on Friday and couldn't make it happen--I blame the bowling cookies that had to be decorated. Unfortunately, some of the galleries are open by appointment only which is a little off-putting for someone like me who really doesn't have the budget right now for an art investment. I'll just skip those exhibits because I hate feeling like I'm wasting someone's time when I know I won't be buying. Maybe for the next one.
I would like to get to some of the open galleries though and I might stop by on Saturday as I'll be in the area for an Incubator session.
I really want to check out Hung Liu at Byron Cohen Gallery (more info here). She uses historical photography with layers of painting and collage.I love all the layers and really want to see some of them closer. The gallery is one of my favorites too and I was pretty stoked I got to see some prints by Chris Verne the last time I was there.
And if you need an admission that clearly identifies me as a Midwestern gal, I think the current exhibit at the Grand Arts Gallery is funny.
It's called The Smell of Fear and the idea is to isolate the sense of smell so you can get back to more primal ways of knowing someone. I think it's essentially a big scratch and sniff wall. The reason I think it's funny is that the artist Sissal Tolaas has encapsulated the scents, pheremones etc. in an effort to capture fear, combined the scents with paint and...erm...painted the wall..with FEAR! Which is probably really close to what I did recently with my redone living room.

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